How VLogic wiki started

Hi, this wiki is born after the personal need to talk about some valid and invalid logics, used by people to defend some argument or to justify a certain behaviour. Reading posts and comments on social networks, listening to politicians on tv and to loud-talking people on the train, and so on, made me aware of a diffused problem in the outside world: persons tend not to have opinions based on valid logics, but rather opinions built on top of dogmatic walls, wrong socially shared beliefs and stock phrases.

<And what's the problem!?> you may ask.
The problem arises when you set free a huge wrong logic based group of persons in the outside world: bad things happen!
<So, is this a way to tell everyone how clever and superior you are, that I should think what YOU think!? You idiot.> Nice point.
Well no, I won't tell you what to think, what I would like to do here would be to tell whether or not a logic is valid, giving also some examples, and on which logics NOT to rely upon in order to build an argument, or worse, an entire way of thinking. Also I am going to cover a little the fundamental logics behind veganism, as well as logics that do seem to be right.
<OMG, I really can't stand veganism. And why veganism amongst all the possible things!?>
As I said earlier, this wiki is born to fulfill a personal need: the need to give the same answer to an argument with a recurrent fallacious logic. Veganism, in my individual experience, is one of the context with the biggest number of fallacious logics involved, even by the vegans side. By the way, that's where the V of VLogic comes from.

So, what's the topic?

A wikia about the general use of logic, with special regards to veganism.

Latest activity

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